My Thing

“Mom, I’m telling you flat out…I’m just not that into it.  No offense.  Yoga just isn’t my thing.”

I felt my body tense as I ran through the options.  Offer to buy him a fancy, new mat?  Take him to a different yoga studio?  Tell him all the ways he’d be missing out if he didn’t continue?

You would have thought he’d announced he was running away.  The truth was more palatable than that…yoga just wasn’t his thing. 

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Know Thy Strengths

I’m never going to learn how to knit.

There.  I said it. 

My mother gave me a beginner’s knitting kit about six years ago, and it’s still sitting in a basket next to the side of the bed.  I keep thinking that I’ll have time to dive into this new endeavor, but the truth is, if I haven’t made time in six years, will I ever?  Wouldn’t I make time if it were really something important to me?  Prioritizing this way is one matter if it comes to issues relative to myself, but when it comes to matters involving the children, it feels entirely different. 

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